N14710 Shady Knoll Rd. Park Falls, WI 54552


The Fifield Sno Drovers are fortunate to have 20 groomers (including one groomer coordinator) that groom our trails during the season.  These are all volunteers and most of them groom at least 10 times every year.  Each grooming run is between 3-8 hours in length so these volunteers put in extensive hours over the course of a season.

Grooming Facts:

  • We groom 7 days a week during the season
  • We groom 2 runs every day
  • The morning run begins around 5am and ends around noon
  • The afternoon run begins around noon and ends around 7pm
  • We double groom (groom the same trail out and back) – While this is more dangerous for our drivers, it allows us to hit moguls on the way back that we aren’t able to hit on the way out

Grooming Runs:

  • North:  Trail 111/Corridor 19N
  • Northwest:  Trail 101/Corridor 10W
  • South:  Trail 120/Corridor 19S
  • Southwest:  Trail 121
  • East:  Trail 101/Corridor 10E