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Most Recent Trail Report - 2/8/23


Our trails are currently in excellent condition with a strong snow base. Trail 101 from the Oneida County line to Musky Jacks is in good  condition but expect moguls and thin snow spots. Trail 102 between 121 and 103 is not regularly groomed because of weight restrictions on the bridge. Expect this section to usually be rough. As always be mindful that our volunteer groomers and our tractor and drag are on the trail every day of the week. They may be going in the same direction that you are traveling but they also may be coming towards you. Keep this in mind especially around sharp curves. Use your head, watch your speed and be safe.

Trail Report Legend

  • A section of Trail 102, between Trail 121 and Trail 103, is open but not groomed regularly due to a reduction of the weight limit on the bridge on that portion of the trail.  Expect this section to be rough.

Disclaimer:  While we do our best to report hazards that exist on our trails, we don’t always have every hazard listed as conditions are constantly changing.  The Fifield Sno Drovers take no responsibility for hazards not reported on this page.  Ride at your own risk.

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